Easy, Fast, Healthy Zucchini Soup and Softball Shenanigans.

We’re sitting in the stands. . .and Warwick is keeping the books.  You know for softball. How many runs, number of pop-ups, where balls are going in the outfield, all the little details he loves so much.He points to center field and yells to the positioning coach, ” The ball is going to short stop! Slow runner on second. Tag her – – – then throw to first!”And then all hell broke loose.It was a total blur.The pitching coach starts pointing at Warwick, hateful and sharp. “Don’t talk about my girls Read more […]

Potato Fagioli (My made up name for Pasta Fagioli with no Pasta) And Broken, Broken, Teeth.

That girl was on fire.And then. . . . .it happened.Sitting on the hard aluminum bleacher seat, I could see the ball as it propelled through the air, just missing her head, landing onto her chest, and then BAM! ricocheting onto her jaw. Her jaw jiving upwards, knocking the lower tooth into the upper. . .and then. . . .She clasped her hand over her mouth.Uuuuuhhhh.She turned toward me, eyes wide, as she she sprinted off of the soccer field.She hopped into the players box, and then exiting out in a Read more […]

Winter Vegetable Soup, Fishing in the City Pool and A GIVEAWAY: The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook By Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge with Sandy Gluck

 Food Photography by Paulette Tavormina It’s raining catfish and dogs today.  I’m laughing hysterically to myself, even if you didn’t quite get the joke.I’m laughing because, as I sit here staring out my study window I’m . . .A.) Reminiscing about what a fun time we had this weekend watching our 3 girls play in their season opener basketball games.B.) Fondly remembering how Shelbi wrestled her a 3 pound catfish that she unhooked and grabbed with her bare hands from at our annual City Pool Read more […]

Best Slow Cooker White Chili

What I learned this past week:1. My husband knows how to River Dance. Well. And he’s not afraid to do it at his Company Christmas Party.2. I have no balls. When I tell a hairdresser to cut my hair just above my shoulders, and she cuts it just below my ears, I will emphatically proclaim I love it, because I don’t want to hurt her feelings, and then I will go home and slap myself around a bit.3. My husband thinks my new short hair is cute. . . . . .because he thinks I am cute.4. I love that guy in Read more […]

Sad Clown Make-up, A Halloween Hangover, Easy Pumpkin Soup and GREEN VALLEY ORGANICS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

  [Winner announced below]Ever just wake up and look at your face and wonder.Wonder about your face and every body else’s face, and the things they do to it?Like eyeliner. What about eyeliner?  I love it personally. I think I should wear more of it.And brown skin is nice, lovely in fact, but wonder how it would be to be white.  No, not like Caucasian.  I mean white, like snow. Like cotton. Like this bottle of Green Valley Kefir I’m pouring into my glass, and spilling it onto my desk. (We’ll Read more […]

My Mama’s Okra Gumbo

My Mama’s Gumbo.This is my mom.My mama.My mommy.My mother depicted in a painting circa 1968.She’s here for the holiday, and I love her. Love her, Love her, Love her.But. . . . .Somebody (who rhymes with mister, is related to me, and called me horrible things when I was younger) and looks like this. . . . took a really ugly picture of her and posted it as my mother’s Facebook profile picture. First of all, where is she? And then if you can find her, it looks like she’s shooting daggers at Read more […]

Whisky Baked Beans

Sometimes, I wake up on Friday, stuff happens and then I wake up sometime later on Monday (or Tuesday, as it were) and I’m not sure what I did. Like the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND IS GONE, and I haven’t a clue what happened. AND . . . . . .I didn’t even drink alcohol, so that can’t be my excuse. I mean, I wanted to drink alcohol.  Or rather EAT alcohol. But that wouldn’t be my fate this lovely 4th of July. Because we had to go to a parade.  That started at 9 am.     Then Read more […]

The Puglian Cookbook by Viktorija Todorovska and GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE: And the winner is . . . . . . .Mindy 25414-I have always wanted to go to Italy (more specifically Rome!) Something about the architecture and just their way of living seems so magical! Please contact me at nickiwoo.thehomeguru@gmail.com in the next 48 hours to collect your prize, otherwise a new winner will be chosen!Congrats!!!!I am a caretaker.  And I love it.I take care of everybody, all day long, and it fulfills me.But. . .sometimes. . . .I neglect to take care of myself.”How do you Read more […]

The Part-Time Vegan by Cherise Grifoni and Indian Curry Lentil Soup

Dear Self,You are not a Vegan. You are not a Vegan. You are not a Vegan.  I know you got this new book, and the recipes are all “fantastic”, but seriously. . . .YOU EAT MEAT.Love,Me- – X – – Dear Me,Gosh. You are so full of yourself.  I never said I was Vegan. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Vegan food. You know, it’s really good for you. It has vegetables. You know stuff that comes from the earth? It’s real food. You should be proud of me for trying.  Can I get a little support here?Yours,Self- Read more […]

Hearty Vegetable Soup with a Basil-Garlic Dressing (Pistou Soup)

It’s definitely full on Spring in my lovely town of Houston.Though, some days it feels like summer.  Hot, hot, hot. And by hot I mean 84 which isn’t really very hot. Only just PERFECT.For me, this means its time to start digging in the soil, and roaming around the plant nursery in search for really wonderful FLOWERS.Not leaves.I’m no horticulturist.I don’t love all types of plants. Well in theory, I love all plants. Maybe.  But if I’m truthful, the petalish ones have the upper hand. Basically, Read more […]