3 Years Later. . . .And I have an IPAD!!! and an IPAD case (Griffin Survivor GB35108 Case )

Oh my. Yesterday was a doozy of a day. I received a text at 10:59 am from the Apple Store. “One or more of your items is ready for pick up” it said. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. My stomach dropped. It’s time. I should go pick it up. NOW. I should go. But I didn’t because I thought this is a huge freaking moment. GIGANTIC. I should enjoy it. My life was going to change in a matter of hours . . so I called Warwick “It’s in.” I said. “Oh really?” he said. “Yes.” “Well. . .you should Read more […]

Decorating a Pre-Teens Room With Instagram:) LOL. BFF. OMG.

ODE TO INSTAGRAMOh! Sweet App How I Love Thee!And to think. . .you were purchased for free.So why then, don’t I use you?When then, do you linger on my phone like a pretty girl at a dance with no one to dance with?I have made a commitment to tap on you more.To tap on you and friend ‘friends’ that I do not know thru you.I will find those said friends and look at their Instagrams.I will laugh. Ha!How funny!How crafty!How very, very, interesting. . . . .And think to myself. . .I’m fun, crafty, and interesting, Read more […]

Contact Paper & Decor: Covering Some Old Plastic Drawers.

I have a 12 year old.And she’s quite the funny character.Very moody.Too bossy.Lovable beyond measure.When I was 25, I didn’t know being a mother would be like this.Like I am some overprotective big sister, always looking out for what this kid is doing.Right.Wrong.Weird.When I was 25, I didn’t know that she would tickle me so.That she would amaze me with my likeness.I didn’t know she’d be artistic.And smart.Brilliant in math.Genius with colors.I didn’t know that  she would take pictures that would Read more […]

Seaweed Wraps with Rice Noodles, Peanut Sauce and Pickled Beets

I’ve got a Monkey on my back.Or a kid on my desk.Or a headache. And I keep forgetting to do things.And I think my butt is getting. FAT. TER.Not flat.I could deal with that.But fat. Uuuuh.BUT. BUTT.Things are appearing around here.Like lovely, marvelous books that smell of cardboard and scotch tape. Filled with gorg. Recipes that make me, want to ‘want’ a less fat butt. And then. . .this showed up on my doorstep yesters. Yelling at me.YOU CAN DO IT.AND IT’LL BE SO EASY.LOOK HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS! Read more […]

10 Things to Make and Do for YOUR YARD this Halloween!!!!

I don’t like it when other people talk sternly to my children. I don’t like it when other people reprimand, scold, or otherwise act as if they are in charge of my children. When another person (that is not myself, my husband, or my mother) raises their voice to any one of my offspring, my chest pops out, grows muscles (in a feminine way) and turns a grotesque shade of green. A guttural growl overtakes my breathing. My eyes become slightly inset, and a darkness hovers. And. . . .. I want Read more […]

My Laundry Room. . . .Redone!

Wanna see somethin’?I mean it’s not real fancy, or real flashy, but its mine, and I like it.Before, uuggghhh. Before, it was a horror. A horror I say.  I didn’t even want to step foot into that place.So, I decided to clean that sucker out.This is what it looked like before I cleaned it out. . . . . .And this is what it looked like after I cleaned it out. Better, I think.Then, I got out the paint, the same color I used in the girl’s bathroom , and I painted with the same kid that helped me paint Read more […]

Juicing In a Blender: Grapefruit Ginger Carrot Juice!!!!!!!

A few days ago somebody lied to me.OK, I think. Let’s move on.But then, they lied to me the next day.Yet and still, Lord help me, I want to move on.But today, they lied again. And I think, this person is a liar. And they aren’t going to stop.And I really don’t like liars, so much.I feel like they are in denial.Or like maybe they are trying to hide something.Something dark.Something bad.So anyway, all of that nonsense has put me in a rotten mood.Slouchy shoulders. Period hormonalness. The whole bit.And Read more […]

X-Acto Bulldog Manual Vacuum Mount Pencil Sharpener: It sure is pretty.

Children. Come hither.I have something that will change your lives.Our lives.No more anxiety about funky sharpened pencils where you can see the lead, you just can’t use it.No more woes about pencil shavings that burst and have been strewn all over the floor from your lack of coordination and pencil holding skills when you rotate a pencil.No more leg cramps as you stand over the trash can inhaling the fumes from last night’s dinner, while I yell at you to pay attention to what your doing while holding Read more […]