Homemade Teen Beach Movie Costume: Biker Babe Picture Tutorial.

Around this time of year, there is A LOT of argueing in my house. Children wanting to be silly little princesses or American dolls and me screaming at the top of my lungs that scary costumes are all the rage. Trying to shatter their ever hopeful dreams of being pretty. “You are pretty ALL THE TIME. Why on earth do you want to be pretty on Halloween?”  I plead. They just look at me and shake their heads. As in usual fashion, this year, Soledad decided she wanted to be an American Read more […]

how we weekend

It’s going to be hot here for awhile yet. Mosquitoes will be biting at least until December. And softball . . . it’ll never get cold enough to make us stop. . . them from playing. So generally, from now until late November. . . that is what our little girls will be doing. . . with a spattering of volleyball and soccer thrown into the mix. Yes, I said soccer. The baby who is technically NOT a baby anymore, has decided to get her sports feet wet in futbol. Not americano. . . I’m Read more […]

What I have learned this summer. . .from my life. . .and Pinterest via my sister.

It’s a funny thing how four tiny people can totes get on your nerves and make you scream to the high heavens.. . . for every day of a three month period (June-August) and yet the very thought of them going back from whence they came (school) could have you teary eyed and snot ridden.Huh.Can’t I remember that time I told them “NO! You CAN NOT!!!” And they did.They did right in front of my face.Smiling.Laughing.Happy.Huh.And what about that time they ate me out of house and home.And I caught the little Read more […]


I don’t even know what came over me.First I’m watching my 12 year old play basketball.An aggressive game, but nothing out of the usual.The next thing I know, the ball passes by my daughter (Shelbi) as she’s playing defense, and this crazy nut job starts pushing her around.There is a shove.She recovers, as she spreads her legs wider and gets her arms up above her head trying to deflect any passes.The girl can’t get away from daughter, because well. . .she’s pretty good at her low post position.(Plus.. Read more […]

Trash INTO Treasure: Refurbished Ugly Goodwill Sign into PORCH RULES Front Porch Sign.

I’ll feel better about this whole situation if I just tell you.We didn’t go to Mass (church) on Sunday.I know, I know.It was Palm Sunday. We should have gone. It was horrible that we didn’t go.And why didn’t we go?Because, ummm. . . .we had softball.And I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but we were sleepy so we slept instead, and then went to softball.In defense of myself. . .On the way to softball, at 9:30 AM, while I was eating fried rice and my children were wolfing down a leftover Read more […]

Seaweed Wraps with Rice Noodles, Peanut Sauce and Pickled Beets

I’ve got a Monkey on my back.Or a kid on my desk.Or a headache. And I keep forgetting to do things.And I think my butt is getting. FAT. TER.Not flat.I could deal with that.But fat. Uuuuh.BUT. BUTT.Things are appearing around here.Like lovely, marvelous books that smell of cardboard and scotch tape. Filled with gorg. Recipes that make me, want to ‘want’ a less fat butt. And then. . .this showed up on my doorstep yesters. Yelling at me.YOU CAN DO IT.AND IT’LL BE SO EASY.LOOK HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS! Read more […]

Potato Fagioli (My made up name for Pasta Fagioli with no Pasta) And Broken, Broken, Teeth.

That girl was on fire.And then. . . . .it happened.Sitting on the hard aluminum bleacher seat, I could see the ball as it propelled through the air, just missing her head, landing onto her chest, and then BAM! ricocheting onto her jaw. Her jaw jiving upwards, knocking the lower tooth into the upper. . .and then. . . .She clasped her hand over her mouth.Uuuuuhhhh.She turned toward me, eyes wide, as she she sprinted off of the soccer field.She hopped into the players box, and then exiting out in a Read more […]

Green Goddess Juice (Grapefruit, Apple, Celery) made in a Blender

{Enter my CLEAN FOOD COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY}   Oh my Lord.   It’s all I could think as my head pounded from the sound of the blaring TV. I kept my eyes shut, willing my brain to turn off and fall back to sleep. And then the alarm blasted ON. RRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG DIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG. BBBBLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHH. Uuh. My eyes opened and the lights in the bedroom were blazing. Where is my husband? Why is Usher singing in my alarm clock? WHY ARE THE LIGHTS ON AND SCREAMING AT MY Read more […]

Fingerling Potato Salad, A Note to Nana, and CLEAN FOOD by Terry Walters GIVEAWAY!!!!

Dear Mommy ( I call my mom ‘mommy’, sue me.),Sorry. I meant to share this with you last month, but alas time has gotten away from me. These are photos of Phoebe’s first Musical Program, and I thought you’d get a kick out of all of her silly expressions. The first photos are of her getting ready for the big event.I’ll narrate as I post the pics.She poses now. For every. single. picture. Just like her big sister Soledad. Whom she screams at. ALL THE TIME. Yet, she acts just like her. I know. I know. Read more […]

Low-Fat Buttermilk Caesar Salad Dressing

What I think I have learned today.. . .I could cut the lawn with scissors, but that would be stupid.Likewise, I could dry lettuce with a million paper towels and then stick it into a bowl with more paper towels. Then, I could stick it in a collander and hope it doesn’t wiltBut really, aren’t I just basically cutting the lawn with scissors.Why not buy a salad spinner?They cost like $20. $15 at TJ Maxx.No. Seriously.I’m asking,  “why?”.Why have I lived the last 13 years of my domestic life, thinking Read more […]