Wild Salmon Patty Sliders (from a can)

I have two warring voices in my head right now. One is screaming, “Just SHUT UP and tell them about the Salmon Patties, it doesn’t matter, nobody cares how you feel, they just want the FOOD. Give them the FOOD!” The other is telling me to apologize. For being away so long. For not writing and telling you I was swamped. And for coming on every year or so to say, “I’ll be writing more”, when I’m not. Oh wait. Another voice is coming through. #3 says, “Stop apologizing. Everyone knows Read more […]

Rice Noodles with Mixed Vegetables and Beef Strips

We went to the beach this week for a mini-vacation and one last hoo-rah before school starts. We thought we’d surprised the kids like they do in the Walt Disney commercial. The kids wake up on Christmas morning, open their presents. . .and then the parents announce “We’re going to DISNEYLAND!!!!” And everybody starts screaming and crying and the whole world couldn’t be any better.  That’s how I thought our rendition would turn out.  And it remotely did, for like 30 seconds. . . .http://youtu.be/qEgc_sQFZD4But Read more […]

Alligator Gar Balls: Is it an Alligator or A Fish?

Don’t forget to enter the Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit Giveaway!Recently, I got that fuzzy, warm feeling in my belly.The kind that comes from nostalgia, the smell of fresh cut grass and peppermint toothpaste.My husband’s uncle gave me a fish. Freshly caught, head attached, armor intact.Big whoop.Oh yeah. It is BIG.  And is totally worth a WHOOP.It was an Alligator Gar.This was a baby. Only about 3 ft in length.I’m getting teary eyed just typing the name.They are the most awesome fish Read more […]

My Mama’s Okra Gumbo

My Mama’s Gumbo.This is my mom.My mama.My mommy.My mother depicted in a painting circa 1968.She’s here for the holiday, and I love her. Love her, Love her, Love her.But. . . . .Somebody (who rhymes with mister, is related to me, and called me horrible things when I was younger) and looks like this. . . . took a really ugly picture of her and posted it as my mother’s Facebook profile picture. First of all, where is she? And then if you can find her, it looks like she’s shooting daggers at Read more […]

Quick and Easy Crawfish Boil

I’m not even sure how she does it.She just walks off the plane, and EVERYBODY is putty in her hands.She says something, and it’s golden.”Hey Girls, let’s help your mom and clean up the entire house!” and all four of my kids jump up and start scrubbing the walls.How does she do that? I think it’s magic. Maybe Voodoo.She’ll spank my hide for saying that. IT’S NOT VOODOO.Such a misconception about people from Louisiana. My mother does not practice black magic. She goes only by the grace of God.  Read more […]

Baked Fish Fingers

A few years ago, my sister got a dog.A cute little Maltese.She wasn’t a puppy, she was already potty-trained, and a sweet little thing. Her owners couldn’t keep her because they lived in an apartment and she barked too much. As you 642-832 may have guessed, this cute little Maltese had a name by which it was called. My sister’s husband wanted to call the dog “Sade” after the R&B/Jazz smooth vocalizing goddess. Clever? Well maybe. If he hadn’t had 10 other cats named after the exact same diva.Much Read more […]

Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Strawberry Sauce & Strawberry Recipes for Everyday by The California Strawberry Commision

This is my Haan.  I call it Hun for short.  As in Honey, I love you.It’s a steam cleaner.  I use it to clean my floors.Or I should say.  I USED it to clean my floors.I can’t find the little knobby thing that goes on top. The thing that keeps the steam in.So now when I turn it on, all the water just bubbles out like a volcano of hot, hot, water.I put the knobby thing somewhere safe.Behind the fruit bowl.That currently has no fruit.And coincentally, no knobby thing.I think I put it somewhere super-duper Read more […]

The Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann

I hate diets.  Probably because I’m on one. Kind of. Not really.  I just think I should be on one, so I pretend like I am.Diet as in. . .di·et \ˈdī-ət\ a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight Yeah. That type of diet sucks. On the other hand, you may have surmised by this point that there is another type of diet that I totally dig.As in. . . .di·et \ˈdī-ət\ food and drink regularly provided or consumed.Especially the regular and consumed bit.  Those are my Read more […]

How to Skin a Cat(fish) or How to Clean a Catfish

There is something that my husband is a little embarrassed about.It has to do with me, and actually nothing at all to do with him.He doesn’t want you to know this about me. He says it just isn’t right.I call my mother “Mommy”.  And he really doesn’t like it.It’s not like I call her mommy to other people.  When people ask “How is your mother doing?” I don’t say, “My Mommy is doing swell!”  When people ask me if my mother lives nearby, or if my mother gets to see her grandkids often, I don’t Read more […]

Southern Style Fried Catfish

My family and I went fishing this weekend.Don’t be too impressed.It was at the city pool.We went because well, my mom is a big fisherwoman (and by that I mean she knows how to fish) and she guilted me into it.  Basically, she said if I didn’t do this one thing for my children I would rot.  And frankly, I don’t want to rot, so I took my kids to the swimming pool to fish.After our Fishing Extravaganza (that’s what the city called it ~ I don’t make this stuff up), my mom had a lot of questions.  Read more […]