Cinnamon Streusal Muffins, Baking Basics and Beyond GIVEAWAY, and Texting with Love. . . .

Nana just got an iPhone.She loves it.I love it.She has a Words with Friends Game (similar to scrabble) going on with EVERY member of my family. Except Phoebe, and as soon as Feebs gets an iPod touch, I’m sure she’ll oblige.I told her, “Mommy, I’m really busy, I don’t have a lot of time to play games, but I’ll try.”And it took me like two weeks but, now I’m in and I’m loving it.Also, she sends the funniest texts.Whenever she types, “Oh, boy!” It comes out “Ho Boy!”, which makes me chuckle every. Read more […]

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Filling and Strawberry Icing!

I know this kid, whose as bright as a peachwho kisses and kisses, and is never out of reachher hair bounces off the top of her head,and she giggles and giggles, at the silliest things said.She shines like the sun on the brightest of days,and her golden skin sparkles, as if on a stage,She poses for every picture that has ever been took,and she’ll melt your heart after just one look.Her eyes are aware and they’ll draw you near,as they slant and curl moving toward her ears,just so they can hear the Read more […]

The Perfect Cupcake

Six years ago, from this very yearA child was born with a heart most dear.She leapt into this world, with a ball in her handAnd a pinky little face, saying “Catch me if you can!”We ran and ran, as fast as we could,But her little legs carried her faster than ours would.She turned her head and squealed in delight,And before we knew it, she had run out of sight.Everywhere we looked, but nowhere was she found,Though her voice could be heard in the space all around.There were burps, and chuckles, Read more […]

I See You

I see you. Lover of Nintendo. Genius of Math. Boss of Sisters. Reader of minds. Creator of Art. Stealer of my heart.

Shrimp Boil the Easy Way

It just ain’t right, on a weeknight.Unbutton yo’ pants, cuz yo’ belly gonna do a happy dance.We ain’t died, but our happiness done multiplied.  Ah Eazee Shrimp Boil that gun make you wanna slap yo’ mamaand not spicy or hot so yo’ babies can lick them finga’s!Ingredients:2 lbs large shrimp deveined, but not peeled1 lb small potatoes8 corn cobettesOne sachet of Louisianna brand Crab, Crawfish, Shrimp Boil (I promise it’s not hot or spicy)1-2 lemons, halved (optional)2 TB saltHot SauceCocktail SauceDirections:1.  Read more […]