Southwest Chicken Salad and Pooping Pups, Powdery Mildew, and a Perfect Pick for Red Wine! (Graffigna Malbec Reserve 2010)

Hi. It’s me again.I’m having a bit of a day.My dog decided to climb up on the coffee table and make a boo boo.Not as in hurt himself.A crap crap.As in crapped on the table on top of the clothes that I was going to finish folding.On another note, Lucky (my dog) has been hopping onto the kitchen table chairs THAT MY CHILDREN REFUSE TO PUSH IN AFTER THEY HAVE EATEN, and he has been eating their dinners straight off their plates.Not good.ESPECIALLY since he is on a new vegetarian dog food diet that Read more […]

How To Remove Urine From Your Carpet

I suppose there are a lot of reasons why urine could be on your carpet.Like maybe, you were working in Washington DC, and your cousin came by to visit. Then, your cousin took you out for a night on the town, and when you two returned he/she was too drunk to go home. So he/she spent the night, and peed on your hotel room floor. Maybe.Or maybe, you met this really great guy in college,  who was an athlete and was cuter than pie. He was funny, charming, and had crazy fun friends.  So because he Read more […]