What I have learned this summer. . .from my life. . .and Pinterest via my sister.

It’s a funny thing how four tiny people can totes get on your nerves and make you scream to the high heavens.. . . for every day of a three month period (June-August) and yet the very thought of them going back from whence they came (school) could have you teary eyed and snot ridden.Huh.Can’t I remember that time I told them “NO! You CAN NOT!!!” And they did.They did right in front of my face.Smiling.Laughing.Happy.Huh.And what about that time they ate me out of house and home.And I caught the little Read more […]

Little Things to Make Our Lives Better:. . . . Funley’s Crackers with Veg and Vitamins!:)

My mom is here.In my house. Upstairs. In the guest bedroom. Sleeping.Because she’s tired.And exhausted.Of me.And my four straight up, a mess children.”Well. . . .”she says. . . .”Everyone has been behaving well. . . .”But Jesus . . . . .Lord Jesus (I’m actually praying here)I know THAT IS NOT what she is really thinking.One kid,Lord help us all, won’t stop asking for food, which is very disturbing to my mother. “Why is she sooo hungry ALL THE TIME?” ‘Maybe she’s bored”, she’ll say. “Maybe she is Read more […]

EASY Spicy Asian Chicken Salad . . .in minutes.

I hate to break this to you.But I’m in a real bad mood.Nothing lately seems to be working out.We tried to sell our other house (not the one we currently live in). . .and that fell through.That sucked big.Not the house.The situation.I’m so ready to be rid of that thing.And my husband is finalizing the plans for his 20 year high school reunion. . .its this weekend.He’s planning the ENTIRE thing BY HIMSELF.So you can imagine. . .my life is a horror.Oh.And my kid. My 12 year old kid. . .is gone.At her Read more […]


I don’t even know what came over me.First I’m watching my 12 year old play basketball.An aggressive game, but nothing out of the usual.The next thing I know, the ball passes by my daughter (Shelbi) as she’s playing defense, and this crazy nut job starts pushing her around.There is a shove.She recovers, as she spreads her legs wider and gets her arms up above her head trying to deflect any passes.The girl can’t get away from daughter, because well. . .she’s pretty good at her low post position.(Plus.. Read more […]

Papaya Beauty Smoothie, Birthdays and The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet

.Well.I’m doing a bit of recovery today from a slightly hectic week.Hence the pic of the Healthy Papaya Beauty Smoothie (more on that later).We started the week with Bella’s Birthday.Store bought Ice Cream Cake. Walmart. $14.99.Rainbow colored birthday girl. About to burst open from shear happiness.The loot. Everything having to do with SOFTBALL.Balls. Balls. And more Balls. A big net thing so she can practice hitting and pitching in the backyard.A purse. Softball neon yellow. And maybe her fave Read more […]

Earth Day: REUSE!!! Repainting and Mending a Flea Market Chair.

He walked into the house, eyes squinting, head tilted, head half convulsing.Him:   Nicole! Nicole! Did you know there is paint splattered all over the grass? And a bit on the sidewalk. And ON. THE. BRICK. OF THE HOUSE???  Did you know that?I  look at him and purse my lips. I turn back around and continue combing Phoebe’s hair.Him:   Nicole. Seriously. It’s like you turned the water hose on. . . then holding a paint brush full of paint . . .tried to hose it off, but it just splattered. . . .everywhere. Read more […]

This is what I need. . .Hydrangeas.

My husband got a little perturbed with me the other day.”Seriously.” He says. “You went to the Garden Nursery INSTEAD of going to the grocery store?”He was angry in that way nice people get pissed off, annoyed, and totally disappointed in the people they love. Not really yelling, but his tone. . .boy. . .I could hear it in his tone.”We don’t have any food in this house. And I need food for lunch. And the kids need snacks.. . . .” And then he went on from there, but I zoned. out.I was rather ticked Read more […]

Trash INTO Treasure: Refurbished Ugly Goodwill Sign into PORCH RULES Front Porch Sign.

I’ll feel better about this whole situation if I just tell you.We didn’t go to Mass (church) on Sunday.I know, I know.It was Palm Sunday. We should have gone. It was horrible that we didn’t go.And why didn’t we go?Because, ummm. . . .we had softball.And I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but we were sleepy so we slept instead, and then went to softball.In defense of myself. . .On the way to softball, at 9:30 AM, while I was eating fried rice and my children were wolfing down a leftover Read more […]

Newspaper to Prevent Weeds and Possibly Made Up Conversations.

So.I had a conversation today, where I said something I shouldn’t have said. And I’m thinking I might try and fix it tomorrow.But!Before I do, I need a trial run. You know. To see if it’s really worth the trouble.THE TRIAL RUNI’ll Say:  Hi!She’ll Say: Hey There!I’ll Say:  You know yesterday when I called you on the phone?She Say:  Yeah.I’ll Say:   Well, I got to thinking . . . . .and when I told you to let everyone know what you’re feeling and not to worry about the future, just live for today, Read more […]

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes Giveaway!!! And living in the moment. This moment. Not the next. Or the last. This one. This one. This one.

So.This week, my thing is. . . . .being in the moment.It was supposed to be my thing last week, and the week before that, but I got mad too often.Lost my mind, much too much.And ummm. . .well. . .That doesn’t lean too much toward enlightenment, you know.So here goes this weeks attempt toward peace and wonderment.I sat, observed, and enjoyed my child’s (Soledad’s) SOLO (oh my goodness. oh my goodness. i’m gonna die. i’m gonna die)  performance in her 1st Grade Class Musical.I was in the moment.Tears Read more […]