Frankenstein and His Beloved Bride: A Picture Tutorial

I love Halloween. It’s my chance to find connections with the part of me that scares me the most, but the part that delights me to no end. So if you invite me to a Halloween Party, you ‘bess believe that I’ll be coming. Frankensteins hair, is the “High Top Fade Wig” at Party City. The bolts on the side of his neck can also be found there and most Halloween Dress Shops for only $1.99. They suction to the skin, so we purchased spirit gum to ensure they would stay securely ($2.99) Green paint galore, Read more […]

Willow Smith Halloween Costume How-To :Whip Your Hair!

HAIR.4 letters. So much meaning.It’s important. Yes it is.  And it’s caused me a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE in my life.My hair is thick and coarse and wavy and frizzy. But it doesn’t seem the least bit curly. How in the heck can that be? I don’t know. I’ve been asking God that myself for the last 35 years.My girls all have varying amounts of hair, all coarse, all curly.And generally, we straighten it, because it’s easier that way.And every time I put a hair dryer to their hair, or mine I think “WHYYYYYY! Read more […]

My Little Pony Make-Up Step By Step Tutorial

There comes a time in every child’s life, where they have to choose.Choose between good, evil, or someplace neither here nor there.The time has come for my child, and she has chosen the path less taken. Or maybe it’s the path more taken. I don’t know. My feelings are hurt. Anyway. . .She has chosen. . . .the store bought costume.I’m beside myself with worry and guilt?Will it fit? Will it be cheaply made? Have I let her down in the past by not making her costumes to her specifications?I can make a Read more […]