Monogrammed (Personalized) Fabric Covered Pin Board & Crafts She Saw on Pinterest

{Enter the Good Housekeeping Cookie Lover’s Cookbook Giveaway!}I walked into my daughters room and was blinded by the mad chaos of it all.Clothes strewn about.Dirty Clothes.Clean Clothes that I had just washed.Clothes that I’ve never seen before in my life.And as I hyperventilated, I reminded myself that I loved this child.That she, in fact is a child, and not some evil alien sent to earth to live in my house and make it impossible for me to have it clean. Ever.Breathe.Breathe.Breathe.Remember how Read more […]

Pepitas! and Homemade Lalaloopsy Vampire Costume

[Don’t forget to enter My Redwood Hill Farm Dairy Giveaway!]Yesterday I yelled at my kid for being too excited for Halloween.I know what your thinking.No, I didn’t really yell. I just raised my voice.But no. I yelled. LOUD.Something like.”I’m so tired i don’t know what to do and you people wont ever leave me alone! and i guess i’ll let you try on your costume if you would just give me a moments peace. so just go try it on and try not to say anything . NO TALKING. NO TALKING. I can’t hear myself think!!! Read more […]

Halloween Couple Costume: Super Heroine and Evil Villian/ Cat Burglar

In a world infested with evil.Where crime had run amok………………Two individuals were left to fight to the finish.Of the same family.Once best friends,Now, bitter enemies.yet. . . .still. in. love.Friday, October 19th. 6:30 am.Me: Hey. I told Sam we would come by their Halloween Party tonight.Warwick:  Okay.Me:  That means we need costumes.Warwick: Okay.Me: That means we have to decide on something.Warwick: Okay.Me: Together!Warwick: Hmmmm. What do you got?Me: Well, I’m not sure if you’ll Read more […]

Halloween Costume: Lalaloopsy Make-Up (Easy as 1-2-3) !

I swear, if one more of my children comes up to me and tells me they want to be a princess or a unicorn or.  . . .heaven forbid a princess unicorn. . .I WILL THROW UP ALL OVER THEM. . .and all over my husband for spawning such girls.Girls who would rather wear pink instead of black.Girls who would call for their knight instead of their broom.Girls who would rather be pretty instead of jaw droopingly ugly.Seriously.This is an outrage.Anyway. . .Enough of my complaining.I’m sure I do this every year, Read more […]

A Budget Friendly Halloween Mantle, Spooky Forest Effects, and Candy in a Pickle Jar

I’m always dreaming up things that I want to do.Sometimes I don’t have the time.And. . . .Sometimes I don’t have the money.But lately, I’ve been thinking, WHY, WHY, WHY???Surely you jest.For if  thou havest these thoughts for which I am most dubiously inclined, then SISTER, DEAREST Friend, in thy most patient virtue there must be a way for my will to be done.And then I say to myself.”Why are you talking like that.You crazy nut job.But. . .You do have a rather interesting take on the situation.Why Read more […]

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I was a bit of a witch with a ‘b’ yesterday.I screamed and hollered about not being able to do IT ALL.I think I may have thrown the top to the blender across the kitchen. Or that could have been the day before yesterday, but I definetly threw it.I witched and moaned about football being on the television ALL THE TIME.And then I watched two games in a row because I was too lazy to get up and change the channel.After giving Warwick a glaring look, a huff, and an exhausted roll of my shoulders he Read more […]

The Easiest Way to Hang A Collection of Pictures

Dear Warwick,I know you don’t think I listen to you.  And you might be a little right.  It isn’t that I don’t want to listen to you. I DO. I really do. It’s just that so many things are going on at every second of the day that I don’t really focus all that well. I’m trying, though. I promise.And even though I’m not the world’s best listener, and you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over again, I do HEAR you, which may or may not be the same thing as listening to you.So. . .on this Read more […]

How To Make GIANT WITCH Hats for your Front Porch

She sat in her seat wiggling. She shifted from side to side swinging her legs and kicking the seat in front of her. The backs of her legs were sticking to the plastic seat, and the heat from the humid air resulted in tiny drops of dew on the tip of her nose.As the breaks on the bus begin their unpleasant cry, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……” she grabbed her backpack and scurried off the bus, nearly tripping on the steps as she flew down them.Her feet hit the concrete.Her trot, broke out into a full Read more […]

My Laundry Room. . . .Redone!

Wanna see somethin’?I mean it’s not real fancy, or real flashy, but its mine, and I like it.Before, uuggghhh. Before, it was a horror. A horror I say.  I didn’t even want to step foot into that place.So, I decided to clean that sucker out.This is what it looked like before I cleaned it out. . . . . .And this is what it looked like after I cleaned it out. Better, I think.Then, I got out the paint, the same color I used in the girl’s bathroom , and I painted with the same kid that helped me paint Read more […]

Something I found on Pintrest. . . .A DIY Watering Can made from a Milk Jug!

[ It’s the last day to enter the HEB $25 Gift Card Giveaway!] Is it weird that I’m 36 and I’m making a Birthday Wish List?Don’t tell me.I don’t want to know. I just figure since my birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up, that maybe somebody might want to give me something I ACTUALLY WANT.And the items might be a little pricey.So they might want to save up. A little. This is what I have so far. 1.Garage Shelves.2. XL Canvas (4) to re-create this pottery barn picture. 3. Wall Paint (in a fun-ish Read more […]