Little Girl Butterfly Makeup ( a slackers picture tutorial)

  TODAY IS HALLOWEEN!!!! And it’s 4:14 Am, and I’m behind schedule. Lots to do, today. I’m making Pumpkin Bread, Turkey Chili, Pumpkin Seeds, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, KettleCorn,  Hot Cider for the evening meal. Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Fruity Mummy? Cereal for breakfast. . .with uncured Turkey Bacon:) Right now, I’m straightening up the house because nobody wants the fright of seeing our casa in its current state. Oh! And my costume! Catch me on Instagram later Read more […]

EASY Halloween Chandelier. . .in 5 minutesTops!

Last night, was National Night Out.  Our neighbors had a little party and ate some barbecue while the children ran around like wild monkeys playing carnival games. I love talking to my neighbors and finding out all the things that happen behind their beveled glass doors. The nights topic. . .kids and homework. . .and parents having to stay up into the wee hours of the morning helping them with it.  They teased and chided about how their kids hated language arts, or had way too many math equations Read more […]

Thrift Store Find: Covering A Toy Box With Contact Paper!

Two weeks ago and everyday since, Phoebe has told me what a good girl she is. It goes kind of like this. . Phoebe (4): Mommy. MOMMY! Me: Yes. Phoebe: Mommy? Me: Yeeesssss. Phoebe: I don’t know why, but I’m always good. Like I’m never bad. Never.       Me: Yes. You are always good. You’re a sweet, sweet, girl. Phoebe: I’m like the best one, right? Out of me, Shelbi, Bella, and Soledad. I’m the best one, right? They are always bad. And Read more […]

Earth Week: Repurpose! Shower Curtain Rod to Purse Display. . . .

I said, I’m sorry.I’ve said ‘I’m sorry’ before but its always been followed with, ‘because’, ‘but’, or any array of throw up words.Never.NEVER have I just said “I’m sorry.” And then stopped.I rang my husband on the phone.Ring. Ring. Ring.Him:  Hello. Warwick Speaking.Me: I’m sorry.Him: I accept your apology.Silence.And then, we hung up. He still loved me. And I still loved me. And I was accepting of my ‘self conscious – screaming – afraid to be the little woman – barefoot homemaker mom lady’ who Read more […]

Earth Day: REUSE!!! Repainting and Mending a Flea Market Chair.

He walked into the house, eyes squinting, head tilted, head half convulsing.Him:   Nicole! Nicole! Did you know there is paint splattered all over the grass? And a bit on the sidewalk. And ON. THE. BRICK. OF THE HOUSE???  Did you know that?I  look at him and purse my lips. I turn back around and continue combing Phoebe’s hair.Him:   Nicole. Seriously. It’s like you turned the water hose on. . . then holding a paint brush full of paint . . .tried to hose it off, but it just splattered. . . .everywhere. Read more […]

Shabby Chic Nightstand: Antiquing and old bedside table.

I can’t believe I’m saying this.I UNDERSTAND HER.EUREKA!EUREKA, I SAY!I understand that poor misunderstood soul of a 12 year old daughter.And I don’t know how it happened.It was like I was wishing it to be so badly.I started looking for ways to connect with her.Shopping.Watching movies.Reading the same books she was assigned at school.And I failed at most of it.Half doing it.Or wanting to do it, and postponing it.Or starting a book, and then never finishing it.But you get the point.I TRIED.And I Read more […]

Trash INTO Treasure: Refurbished Ugly Goodwill Sign into PORCH RULES Front Porch Sign.

I’ll feel better about this whole situation if I just tell you.We didn’t go to Mass (church) on Sunday.I know, I know.It was Palm Sunday. We should have gone. It was horrible that we didn’t go.And why didn’t we go?Because, ummm. . . .we had softball.And I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but we were sleepy so we slept instead, and then went to softball.In defense of myself. . .On the way to softball, at 9:30 AM, while I was eating fried rice and my children were wolfing down a leftover Read more […]

Newspaper to Prevent Weeds and Possibly Made Up Conversations.

So.I had a conversation today, where I said something I shouldn’t have said. And I’m thinking I might try and fix it tomorrow.But!Before I do, I need a trial run. You know. To see if it’s really worth the trouble.THE TRIAL RUNI’ll Say:  Hi!She’ll Say: Hey There!I’ll Say:  You know yesterday when I called you on the phone?She Say:  Yeah.I’ll Say:   Well, I got to thinking . . . . .and when I told you to let everyone know what you’re feeling and not to worry about the future, just live for today, Read more […]

Decorating a Pre-Teens Room With Instagram:) LOL. BFF. OMG.

ODE TO INSTAGRAMOh! Sweet App How I Love Thee!And to think. . .you were purchased for free.So why then, don’t I use you?When then, do you linger on my phone like a pretty girl at a dance with no one to dance with?I have made a commitment to tap on you more.To tap on you and friend ‘friends’ that I do not know thru you.I will find those said friends and look at their Instagrams.I will laugh. Ha!How funny!How crafty!How very, very, interesting. . . . .And think to myself. . .I’m fun, crafty, and interesting, Read more […]

Contact Paper & Decor: Covering Some Old Plastic Drawers.

I have a 12 year old.And she’s quite the funny character.Very moody.Too bossy.Lovable beyond measure.When I was 25, I didn’t know being a mother would be like this.Like I am some overprotective big sister, always looking out for what this kid is doing.Right.Wrong.Weird.When I was 25, I didn’t know that she would tickle me so.That she would amaze me with my likeness.I didn’t know she’d be artistic.And smart.Brilliant in math.Genius with colors.I didn’t know that  she would take pictures that would Read more […]