Dollar Store Craft: Jack O’ Lantern Lamp and Crawling Spider Lampshade

Bella: Mommy. Me: Yes. Bella: What are you doing? Me: Halloween Decorations. Bella: Oh. Jack O’Lanterns? Me: Yes. Bella: Are they going to light up? In different colors? And twinkle? And sparkle? Me: No. Bella: No? Well then what are they going to do? Me: Nothing. Bella: Oh. (Silence) I guess that’s good enough. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – YOU ARE DARN TOOT’IN’ THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH. That’s brilliant, actually. A lamp that lights up with a light bulb. But wait! Oh Read more […]

Little Girl Butterfly Makeup ( a slackers picture tutorial)

  TODAY IS HALLOWEEN!!!! And it’s 4:14 Am, and I’m behind schedule. Lots to do, today. I’m making Pumpkin Bread, Turkey Chili, Pumpkin Seeds, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, KettleCorn,  Hot Cider for the evening meal. Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Fruity Mummy? Cereal for breakfast. . .with uncured Turkey Bacon:) Right now, I’m straightening up the house because nobody wants the fright of seeing our casa in its current state. Oh! And my costume! Catch me on Instagram later Read more […]

Homemade Teen Beach Movie Costume: Biker Babe Picture Tutorial.

Around this time of year, there is A LOT of argueing in my house. Children wanting to be silly little princesses or American dolls and me screaming at the top of my lungs that scary costumes are all the rage. Trying to shatter their ever hopeful dreams of being pretty. “You are pretty ALL THE TIME. Why on earth do you want to be pretty on Halloween?”  I plead. They just look at me and shake their heads. As in usual fashion, this year, Soledad decided she wanted to be an American Read more […]

Owl Throw Up/ Owl Reguratation/ Owl Pellets Or Yogurt Clusters with Raisins, Pretzels, and Peanuts

  Today. I woke up, put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes and brought the 4-year-old to pre-school. No make-up. Hair barely brushed. I dropped her off, got back into my car and decided to spend the next 3 hours shopping for Shelbi’s (13 th) birthday coming up this Sunday. And while I was shopping for perfume, mascara (this is what my 13-year-old dreams of), jewelry, and whatever . . . . . .I kept catching glimpses of myself in the mirror. Black circles under my eyes. Frumpy, baggy Read more […]

EASY Halloween Chandelier. . .in 5 minutesTops!

Last night, was National Night Out.  Our neighbors had a little party and ate some barbecue while the children ran around like wild monkeys playing carnival games. I love talking to my neighbors and finding out all the things that happen behind their beveled glass doors. The nights topic. . .kids and homework. . .and parents having to stay up into the wee hours of the morning helping them with it.  They teased and chided about how their kids hated language arts, or had way too many math equations Read more […]

Pepitas! and Homemade Lalaloopsy Vampire Costume

[Don’t forget to enter My Redwood Hill Farm Dairy Giveaway!]Yesterday I yelled at my kid for being too excited for Halloween.I know what your thinking.No, I didn’t really yell. I just raised my voice.But no. I yelled. LOUD.Something like.”I’m so tired i don’t know what to do and you people wont ever leave me alone! and i guess i’ll let you try on your costume if you would just give me a moments peace. so just go try it on and try not to say anything . NO TALKING. NO TALKING. I can’t hear myself think!!! Read more […]

Candy Corn Witch and Rock The Vote with Redwood Hill Farm GIVEAWAY!!!!!

 {Winner announced below}I’m just going to say “I’m sorry” before I begin.Then you can say “Thank you,” when I’m all done.With the blogging time I have today, I have to make my “To Do List”.Nicki Woo’s TO DO:1. See if Bella’s Candy Corn Witch costume fits.2. Convince Bella that her face is gorg, HOWEVER. . .it’s All Hallow’s Eve and could she pretty please put some make-up on it (preferably girlish ghoulish) 3. Figure out Halloween Dinner Menu. (maybe Turkey Chili with a side of green onions, Read more […]

Halloween Costume: Peacock Massacre

 Pre-teens are weierd.My 11 year old pre-teen is weird.I’m weird too.But not quite as weird as her.Which, honestly.Has me slightly envious.Because, I love the weird.The misunderstanding that lurks behind the mysterious.The strange sense of curiosity of the the completely ridiculous.Yes.I love all things eccentric.And I love that kid.Ghastly grotesque,she tickles me with her Halloween fantasies.When she was younger, she would wet her whistle on the traditional. Princess attire, green faced witch Read more […]

Halloween Couple Costume: Super Heroine and Evil Villian/ Cat Burglar

In a world infested with evil.Where crime had run amok………………Two individuals were left to fight to the finish.Of the same family.Once best friends,Now, bitter enemies.yet. . . .still. in. love.Friday, October 19th. 6:30 am.Me: Hey. I told Sam we would come by their Halloween Party tonight.Warwick:  Okay.Me:  That means we need costumes.Warwick: Okay.Me: That means we have to decide on something.Warwick: Okay.Me: Together!Warwick: Hmmmm. What do you got?Me: Well, I’m not sure if you’ll Read more […]

Halloween Costume: Lalaloopsy Make-Up (Easy as 1-2-3) !

I swear, if one more of my children comes up to me and tells me they want to be a princess or a unicorn or.  . . .heaven forbid a princess unicorn. . .I WILL THROW UP ALL OVER THEM. . .and all over my husband for spawning such girls.Girls who would rather wear pink instead of black.Girls who would call for their knight instead of their broom.Girls who would rather be pretty instead of jaw droopingly ugly.Seriously.This is an outrage.Anyway. . .Enough of my complaining.I’m sure I do this every year, Read more […]