The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit

Today is a glorious and a sad, sad, day indeed. Today is the end of a long journey for myself and millions of other people. The last of 8 adored movies opens today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. This entire week my wee little ones and I have been preparing for this day to arrive. Beginning with the arrival of our essential Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit, that my eldest quite literally pushed me over to get to. Inside we found a tray of chocolate candy Read more […]

The Puglian Cookbook by Viktorija Todorovska and GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE: And the winner is . . . . . . .Mindy 25414-I have always wanted to go to Italy (more specifically Rome!) Something about the architecture and just their way of living seems so magical! Please contact me at in the next 48 hours to collect your prize, otherwise a new winner will be chosen!Congrats!!!!I am a caretaker.  And I love it.I take care of everybody, all day long, and it fulfills me.But. . .sometimes. . . .I neglect to take care of myself.”How do you Read more […]

Giveaway ~ Hint Water, Smart For Life Bars & VOGA Italia Wine!!!

When I was a kid, my mom was the bravest woman in the world. She wasn’t afraid of spiders, wild animals, or anything really.If a crazy looking animal popped on the scene, she’d say, “Don’t worry, and don’t act like you’re scared. You’re bigger than it, just be cool. It’s more afraid of you, than you are of it.”And usually, I looked at her like she was nuts, and ran and got the heck out of dodge.But now, in front of my children, I try to be brave. I try to kill spiders without squirming. I try Read more […]

Fantastic VegeUSA Vegan Food and a Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Guess what arrived at my door yesterday.It was actually inside the Styrofoam cooler. But. . .. .you get what I am doing.Can you see it?Well, come a little closer.Still don’t know what it is?It’s dinner.  It’s super easy, dinner.It’s super easy, healthy dinner.It’s super easy, healthy, YUMMY dinner.It’s super easy, healthy, YUMMY, authentically Asian and internationally-themed gourmet frozen dinner that helps you maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing the tastes you love, dinner.And it’s Vegan.It’s Read more […]

Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love by Cristina Ferrare and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to make you jealous but. . . .Recently, I’ve had two very impressive brushes with fame.First, I went to the NCAA All-Star Game and practically got to sit on Greg Gumbel’s lap.You’re probably not jealous yet.Okay, let me try again.This week, I read a book called Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love, by none other than Cristina Ferrare.She knows Oprah.  Knows her like they have shared meals together.She and Oprah are real tried and true friends.Cristina has cooked for her.Maybe even Read more […]

Our One Year Anniversay & $20 CSN Store Giveaway!!!

Guess what today is?It’s our anniversary. Our one year blogging anniversary.365 Days of Silly stories, delectable food, and random things written down that pop into my head.It was really good for me.I hope it was good for you.We aim to please, you know.I have a little something for you. To let you know, that you really mean a lot to me. And because, my heart melts whenever I think of you making comments.Over and over again.I really love comments, and I really love you.So TODAY. . . . . .I’m giving Read more […]

And the Fruitalistic Winners are . . . . . . .

Guess what today is?Friday, yes.  Such the smarty pants.Guess again.February 18th, right again.  But yet, so very wrong.You’re really not very good at this game.TODAY is the day that I announce the winners of the Dole Fruit Bowl Giveaway!!!!!!!!!  (to see original contest go HERE .)A beautiful day indeed.I’m excited! Can you tell? I’m typing in fancy fonts and pretty colors.  That’s my undercover way to let you know I’m  happy, happy, happy for you, you, you.Okay without further ado, or poo Read more […]

GIVEAWAY!!!!! Dole Fruit Bowls in 100% Juice ~ 6 packages of four!!!

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day. . . . .And because I love you soooooo much. . . . . .And I really, really, really, understand parajumper the importance of a sweet snack. . . .that doesn’t make you feel like you’ll need to curl up and take a long nap.One that will give you plenty of energy for kissing, and hugging, and of course reading my blog.I am giving away to TWO Lucky Readers . . . . . 6 Dole Fruit Bowl four-packs in 100% Juice that come in a variety of assorted flavors.  Like Pineapple Read more […]