Gluten-Free Cranberry Orange Muffins, Yelling too much and A Gluten-Free Whole Grains Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

I’m a little grumpy.Ok.I’m a lot grumpy.My eyes are itchy.I’ve got a tiny heat rash all on my head.My knees hurt. Old basketball injury.My feet are sore.And nobody listens to me.I shouted about the whole shebang on Saturday.Nobody really heard what I was shouting about.They heard the yelling, it was kinda impossible to ignore.But THE HEART OF IT, I fear was lost. . .in all the ruckus.WHICH IS WHY . . . . .one should not shout.BECAUSE. . . .the message is lost in all the ruckus.My mother always tells Read more […]

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes Giveaway!!! And living in the moment. This moment. Not the next. Or the last. This one. This one. This one.

So.This week, my thing is. . . . .being in the moment.It was supposed to be my thing last week, and the week before that, but I got mad too often.Lost my mind, much too much.And ummm. . .well. . .That doesn’t lean too much toward enlightenment, you know.So here goes this weeks attempt toward peace and wonderment.I sat, observed, and enjoyed my child’s (Soledad’s) SOLO (oh my goodness. oh my goodness. i’m gonna die. i’m gonna die)  performance in her 1st Grade Class Musical.I was in the moment.Tears Read more […]

Blueberry Supreme Made With Love!

 [ Winner announced below ]I walked up to the weathered brown door, and looked around. The porch was dusty, cobwebs hung from the corners, and dirt dobbers had built their mud packed homes on the awning that covered the porch.It was a beautiful old home. Old. Brick. Maybe built in the early 1900s. It lay right in the middle of prime real estate district. Yet, it looked so lonely, and unkempt.I placed my knuckles onto the wood and knocked.Nothing.Again, I knocked, but harder this time.And as I rapped Read more […]

Fingerling Potato Salad, A Note to Nana, and CLEAN FOOD by Terry Walters GIVEAWAY!!!!

Dear Mommy ( I call my mom ‘mommy’, sue me.),Sorry. I meant to share this with you last month, but alas time has gotten away from me. These are photos of Phoebe’s first Musical Program, and I thought you’d get a kick out of all of her silly expressions. The first photos are of her getting ready for the big event.I’ll narrate as I post the pics.She poses now. For every. single. picture. Just like her big sister Soledad. Whom she screams at. ALL THE TIME. Yet, she acts just like her. I know. I know. Read more […]

Mexican Lasagna and A Child who Shutters at the Sight of Me. (Plus! A GIVEAWAY!!!)

(Winner announced below)Camera at the ready.My hand cupped the lens. My eye peering through the view finder, searching. Searching.Where is she?I let the camera strap rest around my neck as the camera dangles and I look for her.There she is.Green and white striped shirt. Her back to me. Walking away . . . . down the corridor. Walking away from me.”Shelbi!” I yelled.She turned around and looked at me, but only for a second.Quickly, she swung her head back around and weaving herself into the massive Read more […]

LOW-FAT BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDIES, & A Cookie Lover’s Cookbook Giveaway!

{Winner announced below. . ..}Notice anything different around here?Yup.It’s a New Year.And I’ve got a new philosophy.I’d like a smaller buttocks.And a snazzier looking house.AND a classier looking blog.I started with my blog.Let’s analyze.Tones of gray mean, I love rain. And gray cats with blue eyes, and thunderstorms. POPS of GREEN! Say I love life!!! Freshly mowed grass, and Emeralds!!Frozen Mint Mojito on the side says, I’m tired, and I need a drink, with fresh weeds attached, because that’s Read more […]

Pepitas! and Homemade Lalaloopsy Vampire Costume

[Don’t forget to enter My Redwood Hill Farm Dairy Giveaway!]Yesterday I yelled at my kid for being too excited for Halloween.I know what your thinking.No, I didn’t really yell. I just raised my voice.But no. I yelled. LOUD.Something like.”I’m so tired i don’t know what to do and you people wont ever leave me alone! and i guess i’ll let you try on your costume if you would just give me a moments peace. so just go try it on and try not to say anything . NO TALKING. NO TALKING. I can’t hear myself think!!! Read more […]

Candy Corn Witch and Rock The Vote with Redwood Hill Farm GIVEAWAY!!!!!

 {Winner announced below}I’m just going to say “I’m sorry” before I begin.Then you can say “Thank you,” when I’m all done.With the blogging time I have today, I have to make my “To Do List”.Nicki Woo’s TO DO:1. See if Bella’s Candy Corn Witch costume fits.2. Convince Bella that her face is gorg, HOWEVER. . .it’s All Hallow’s Eve and could she pretty please put some make-up on it (preferably girlish ghoulish) 3. Figure out Halloween Dinner Menu. (maybe Turkey Chili with a side of green onions, Read more […]

10 year Old Zombies, CHIA Snack Bars, & Chia – The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

When she was a Zombie she never would have screamed at me to “STOP IT!”She never would have walked into my bathroom at 6:17 am in the morning and asked me to blow dry her hair. And then act as if she was doing me a favor.And if she did. . .surely when she was a Zombie she would have appreciated the fact that it’s 6:17 am and although I’m her mother, its still nice of me to blow dry her hair straight and then flat iron it at 6:17 am when I’m tired and I have breakfast to make and 2 other children Read more […]

Malted Pineapple, Coconut, Banana Smoothie and HEB $25 Gift Card Slim Down Showdown GIVEAWAY!!!!

Winner Announced Below!!!Child #3:   And then she said, “Get away from me! YOU’RE SO ANNOYING!!!”Me:  Is that right?  Did you call your sister annoying?Child #1: Well, no. I told her she was annoying me, and then I asked her to go away.Me: Well, don’t tell your sister she’s annoying, and try not to tell her to go away. She’s only SIX. The things you say really affect her.Child #1: Well, its not my fault that she’s SO ANNOYING, and you never do anything about it. You never listen.Me: Well, Read more […]