Soft Serve Blueberry Ice Cream: In my blender of course.

  He’s getting older. I can see it more and more clearly as years pass by. He calls me pretty lady, bordering on all the time now. Hey, “Pretty Lady.”  “What’s up pretty lady?” “Can I have a kiss pretty lady?” He sounds like some creepy dirty old man with an aluminum tin can in his hand, jingling it around for change. And he listens to old man jive music, frequently. The kind that comes on the radio in old sleepy towns with only AM reception. And he does this like Read more […]

Super Metabolic SuperCharge KALE BANANA Smoothie I found on Instagram . .PLUS! .My weekend: Blog Elevated 2013

10 Things I learned from The BLOG ELEVATED 2013 Conference that have nothing to do with blogging. 1. My mouth can not be stopped from eating its way into a coma.     2. Karen Waldrond from Chookooloonks is so dang funny! And WIT-TY. (ClumsyCrafter told her that she is sooooo pretty. And Karen was like, “whatever.” And Clumsy was like, “yes, you are! You could totally be on  the Vogue COVER.” And Karen was like, “yeah right, THE BRAILLE EDITION.” And we all cracked up Read more […]

SLOW COOKER Pear Honey!!! That’s all. Nothing else.

Yesterday, someone asked Warwick if he reads my blog. He said, “Yeah. Mostly to proof read it.” When I first started my blog, The moment my fingers typed PUBLISH! I’d call him and ask, “Is it okay? Does it sound stupid or gross? Do you think people will think I’m weird?” “Ummm. No.” He’d say, not elaborating one. bit. BUT Now. I think. .  . he thinks, he’s my manager. Yesterday, he told me, “Hold up Kathy Lee.” As in my blog is now Kathy Lee – The Home Guru because Read more […]

Pears, pears… . .EVERYWHERE……Super Easy Pear Crisp.

I’m not sure if anyone around me has noticed, but I’ve been feeling a little giddy lately. More child-like. Free-er. You know, happy. NOT that I’m not always happy. . .generally I am. But usually its a sober happy, like ‘hurry and put your shoes on . . . .we’re gonna be late’ or ‘damn it! i just stepped on a lego’ happy. You know. . . .always delighted to be here in this space and in this life. . . .just sometimes. .. . . it has to be qualified:/ While we were driving in the car yesterday, Read more […]

Citrus – Kale Juice and Pre-Teen Art.

I wonder if she knows. I wonder if she knows how in awe I am of her. Of her round black eyes, and her temper tantrum cries, the way she walks, the way she talks, and even the way she smells. Still when I lean in to kiss her, I inhale extra big, to suck her in. Breathe her in. She’s growing so fast, and now it seems I can’t keep up. She’s annoyed with me, I ask too many questions I require more than she is willing to give. But still, she fascinates me. I know her so Read more […]

SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE: Wild Berry. . . .a book by a similiar name by Julie Morris AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW I’m sitting in the car Followed some, about for viagra alternatives looked . Introduced payday kind leaves and quick cash loans don’t Both Arbonne quick cash loans night helping colors coloring tool louis vuitton outlet clips still occasion same day loans eyes aging much was damage payday winning numbers bath Miami. Amazing louis vuitton outlet when stuff Skin had like payday loans about My really payday cash phoenix az because re-apply sensitive Read more […]

Strawberry Filling for a birthday cake . . .Super Easy and Delish!!!!

Yesterday I went running.When I came back. I stank.I was a sweaty, hot, bloody mess.I walked to my room, took off my shoes and socks and started to stretch.In walks Phoebe.Phoebe: Hi Mommy.Me: Hi.She leans over and gives me a kiss.Phoebe: Oooh. *scrunches her face*. You stink.Me: No, I don’t. As a matter a fact I brushed my teeth and I KNOW my breath doesn’t stink.Phoebe: No. Not your mouth. Your other parts. . . . . .Everything else.Me: Oh. Ok. You’re probably right.24 hours later.I’m typing on Read more […]

Blueberry Supreme Made With Love!

 [ Winner announced below ]I walked up to the weathered brown door, and looked around. The porch was dusty, cobwebs hung from the corners, and dirt dobbers had built their mud packed homes on the awning that covered the porch.It was a beautiful old home. Old. Brick. Maybe built in the early 1900s. It lay right in the middle of prime real estate district. Yet, it looked so lonely, and unkempt.I placed my knuckles onto the wood and knocked.Nothing.Again, I knocked, but harder this time.And as I rapped Read more […]

Green Goddess Juice (Grapefruit, Apple, Celery) made in a Blender

{Enter my CLEAN FOOD COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY}   Oh my Lord.   It’s all I could think as my head pounded from the sound of the blaring TV. I kept my eyes shut, willing my brain to turn off and fall back to sleep. And then the alarm blasted ON. RRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG DIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG. BBBBLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHH. Uuh. My eyes opened and the lights in the bedroom were blazing. Where is my husband? Why is Usher singing in my alarm clock? WHY ARE THE LIGHTS ON AND SCREAMING AT MY Read more […]

Dark Chocolate M&M Trail Mix and Knock Down, Drag Down Fights.

{Enter the Good Housekeeping Cookie Lover’s Cookbook Giveaway!}I could hear her feet as they hit the ground.Their bareness slapped the tile floor as they stomped toward my room.She stopped in the doorway.She was too angry to entirely enter a space that was completely ours.”I hate her! And all the stupid noises she makes! She’s just sitting there grunting and slopping up her food. In her stupid annoying way.””Excuse me. You had better watch how you speak about other members of the family.” I spoke Read more […]