This month in Sports. . . .And Quick Cook Vegetarian Fried Noodles

She caught her!!!!!! This month it’s been sports, sports, sports, sports, sports. The end of some sports, the continuation of others, and the beginning of more.  It has had us in a bit of a tizzy, with not much time to rest between outings. But deep down in my gut I know all the flurry is worth the trouble. This is the only time in their lives where they can play until their hearts are content.  And if they do it now, when they’re my age Read more […]

Ashley’s Sloppy Tacos (Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tacos with black beans, corn and tomatoes)

February 15th Me:  I really thought you were going to buy me the Breaking Dawn Part I DVD for Valentine’s Day.Warwick: Oh.Me: I mean I didn’t really expect a present, but I kinda did. You always buy me something.Warwick:  Yeah. Well, time was running out, and I was going to but. . . . . . then I didn’t. Me: Buy me a present?Warwick: Yeah. Buy you the DVD.Me:  Oh.Warwick: I was looking at all the DVD’s and I couldn’t figure out which one to get. The one with the life size poster? The one with Read more […]

Smoothie for Your Heart: Orange Vanilla Protein (Tastes like an Orange Julius)

 It just occurred to me that in September, I wrote and cried and slobbered and prayed to you about my Poppy Pops. I cried about his heart transplant surgery and how I felt like I was dying inside. I moaned about my regrets, wishes and hopes,  and I how I needed him HERE to be a part of all of that.I needed him NOT to die.And he almost did.In fact, if you ask him, he would tell you he almost did. More than once. From fever. From kidney failure. From a crazy one-eyed heavy-handed nurse. That’s another Read more […]

Gigantic Banana Split Sundae and Heaven Help Me by George Michael

“Heaven help me, heaven help me.Talk to strangers, talk to strangers.Heaven help me.Over you.Help me over you.I can’t seem to take these changes.Everything reminds my heart of you.”These lyrics keep going through my mind, on repeat.Over and over again.Don’t worry, Mr. Woo isn’t leaving me.This one is.Yesterday, she started kindergarten.Not a tear was shed. Not a mommy, “Don’t go.” She just walked with determination. With a mission in mind. Forward. Onward. Without looking back.She did give me Read more […]

Green Apple Tea Slush

My brains are pushing on the edge of my skull trying to get out.I can feel the thumping. Thump. Pound. Thump. Pound.If my children ask me for something to eat ONE MORE TIME, I think the thumping will cease, my head will just burst open and my brains will splatter EVERYWHERE.I really think it could happen.WHY ARE THEY SO HUNGRY?WHY MUST THEY LOOK AT ME LIKE I AM STARVING THEM?HOW DOES SO MUCH FOOD FIT IN SUCH SMALL MOUTHS?I don’t really want to know the answer to that.I don’t really care.In the past Read more […]

The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit

Today is a glorious and a sad, sad, day indeed. Today is the end of a long journey for myself and millions of other people. The last of 8 adored movies opens today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. This entire week my wee little ones and I have been preparing for this day to arrive. Beginning with the arrival of our essential Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit, that my eldest quite literally pushed me over to get to. Inside we found a tray of chocolate candy Read more […]