LOW-FAT BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDIES, & A Cookie Lover’s Cookbook Giveaway!

{Winner announced below. . ..}Notice anything different around here?Yup.It’s a New Year.And I’ve got a new philosophy.I’d like a smaller buttocks.And a snazzier looking house.AND a classier looking blog.I started with my blog.Let’s analyze.Tones of gray mean, I love rain. And gray cats with blue eyes, and thunderstorms. POPS of GREEN! Say I love life!!! Freshly mowed grass, and Emeralds!!Frozen Mint Mojito on the side says, I’m tired, and I need a drink, with fresh weeds attached, because that’s Read more […]

German Chocolate Cake Trifle and Christmas Memories

Christmas at my house. . . .I’m taking a picture of my kid taking a picture of food. I’m so proud.I should be ashamed of myself.I yelled A LOT on Christmas Eve.I’m not even sure why I was so grumpy.Nana baked the cookies with the girls.The neighbor took the kids carolling.But I had been on my feet for like 3 days.And I was getting bitter.And I tend to get the grumpy bug anytime I feel overworked.Uuuggghh.Cry me a river.It is, what it is.When we were getting ready to go to midnight mass I took one Read more […]

Firework Brownies: Easy Blonde Brownies with Sprinkles (made with cake mix!)

The other day Bella took some photo albums off the shelf and sat on the couch to peruse.Little Phoebe climbed up the couch and onto her sisters lap and settled in for the stories of all the wonderful times we’ve had.”And this is the time when you had a birthday party at the zoo. . . .Oh! and remember when you got that fantastic doll for Christmas? And this is the time when you went to Disneyland? Remember that?””I went to Disneyland? I went to the zoo?  I’m the baby! I’m the baby! I’m so cute!!!” Read more […]

Cut Out Sugar Cookies and the Easiest Sugar Cookie Icing

Waiting for Nana and Santa’s arrival.  The kids made up Nana’s bed with fresh sheets, pillows topped with chocolates. A bottle of water and sweet notes with drawings were placed on her bedside table.If you look really close, there is a Shelf Elf crammed into the center of the chandelier. How in the world did he get in there? Probably spying on the 11 and 5 year old. It was a little dicey there for awhile.Making cookies at 9 pm on Christmas Eves’s Eve.  Bad idea.That’s my stocking. Not sure Read more […]

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies with Flaxseed, Walnuts, and Chocolate Chips

What I said:Dear Principal:It has come to our attention that our daughter Soledad Woodard, a kindergartner at XXXXXXElementary, is being bullied by a boy named XXXXX(second grader) on the bus ride home.On numerous occasions, since the beginning of school, he has ostracized Soledad for her hairstyles, calling her names like the “weird girl” and strange. He uses this language as he taunts her in her face, as well as laughing and encouraging others around him to join in. She has two older siblings Read more […]

Walnut and Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Damn it.I told you this was going to happen. And now that it has, I’m all broken up about it.  It doesn’t help that I had a really crappy yesterday afternoon.  Really crappy.To make a long story short, my kids picked some tomatoes . . . . . .and so I decided I’d make a Tomato Tart. …. .. and it turned out like crap.  And we had to eat Sonic burgers for dinner.But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to tell you about another crappy event that happened yesterday. Apparently, the Read more […]

Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy Melt-In-Your-Mouth-Cookies by Alice Medrich

Have you been searching for the perfect cookie?Not a really good cookie.Not a great cookie.THE PERFECT COOKIE.The one that is suited to your tastes exactly.  Slightly sweet with fruit.  Only chocolate and nuts will do?Personally, I’m a sucker for large, chewy, gooey, with a bit of crunch rendered by some type of nut.  The nut would be pecan, the chocolate dark, and the cookie slightly sweet.I make no bones about it.And neither does famed cookbook author, Alice Medrich.Medrich, author of Chewy Read more […]

Lemonade Cookies Recipe #2

4 reasons why I should not be trusted with peoples lives and memories:1.  I lost misplaced all the Santa pictures from the last ten years.  Well not all, but most.  I put them away somewhere safe. They’re really safe now.2. In a frantic attempt to create more memories, Mr. Woo and I took the kids to the mall to take NEW pictures with Santa. Apparently, child #4 four doesn’t really like Santa.She couldn’t even be coaxed to put up with his jolliness with a rainbow candy cane.That’s the thing Read more […]

The Cookie Party Cookbook by Robin L. Olson

I’m just going to put all my cards on the table.Any book that has over 170 cookie recipes is not going to get a bad review from me.Cookies, bars, and candy recipes from all over the world. Come on peeps, I’m in heaven.Not to mention the fact that this book, this fabulous piece of literary genius, caused my otherwise unreading always bored child to pause, grab the book and sit next to her Mama on the bed and read it cover to cover, dreaming about the cookies and parties we could have together.Could Read more […]