Pork Chops with Kale Gremolata, A book about KALE by Stephanie Pedersen

Last night, I was sulking around. A bit. Feeling slightly sorry for my hard working self. I mean, I work hard. And gosh durn it, I’m tired of people (children) always requesting slushees from me and then not wanting to answer my simple yet thorough questions about the days events. I mean really. Do you think if you’re rude and obnoxious I’m going to stop asking questions? Because I’ve been asking the same questions for 12 years now, and I can go another 12 more . . .EASY. Anyway. Like Read more […]

SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE: Wild Berry. . . .a book by a similiar name by Julie Morris AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW I’m sitting in the car with her as we’re driving to school. I look over and she just looks defeated. Anxious. Nervous. Worried. “You know its going to all work out fine.” I say for the 20th time. She purses her lips and grunts as she grabs her stomach. All last night she complained of achey muscles, headaches, and a sour stomach. “Its just that I’m so tired. I’m so over it. And its only the 4th day of school. I’ll never be able to do everything that everyone expects me to. Read more […]

Papaya Beauty Smoothie, Birthdays and The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet

.Well.I’m doing a bit of recovery today from a slightly hectic week.Hence the pic of the Healthy Papaya Beauty Smoothie (more on that later).We started the week with Bella’s Birthday.Store bought Ice Cream Cake. Walmart. $14.99.Rainbow colored birthday girl. About to burst open from shear happiness.The loot. Everything having to do with SOFTBALL.Balls. Balls. And more Balls. A big net thing so she can practice hitting and pitching in the backyard.A purse. Softball neon yellow. And maybe her fave Read more […]

Gluten-Free Cranberry Orange Muffins, Yelling too much and A Gluten-Free Whole Grains Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

I’m a little grumpy.Ok.I’m a lot grumpy.My eyes are itchy.I’ve got a tiny heat rash all on my head.My knees hurt. Old basketball injury.My feet are sore.And nobody listens to me.I shouted about the whole shebang on Saturday.Nobody really heard what I was shouting about.They heard the yelling, it was kinda impossible to ignore.But THE HEART OF IT, I fear was lost. . .in all the ruckus.WHICH IS WHY . . . . .one should not shout.BECAUSE. . . .the message is lost in all the ruckus.My mother always tells Read more […]

Blueberry Supreme Made With Love!

 [ Winner announced below ]I walked up to the weathered brown door, and looked around. The porch was dusty, cobwebs hung from the corners, and dirt dobbers had built their mud packed homes on the awning that covered the porch.It was a beautiful old home. Old. Brick. Maybe built in the early 1900s. It lay right in the middle of prime real estate district. Yet, it looked so lonely, and unkempt.I placed my knuckles onto the wood and knocked.Nothing.Again, I knocked, but harder this time.And as I rapped Read more […]

Mexican Lasagna and A Child who Shutters at the Sight of Me. (Plus! A GIVEAWAY!!!)

(Winner announced below)Camera at the ready.My hand cupped the lens. My eye peering through the view finder, searching. Searching.Where is she?I let the camera strap rest around my neck as the camera dangles and I look for her.There she is.Green and white striped shirt. Her back to me. Walking away . . . . down the corridor. Walking away from me.”Shelbi!” I yelled.She turned around and looked at me, but only for a second.Quickly, she swung her head back around and weaving herself into the massive Read more […]

LOW-FAT BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDIES, & A Cookie Lover’s Cookbook Giveaway!

{Winner announced below. . ..}Notice anything different around here?Yup.It’s a New Year.And I’ve got a new philosophy.I’d like a smaller buttocks.And a snazzier looking house.AND a classier looking blog.I started with my blog.Let’s analyze.Tones of gray mean, I love rain. And gray cats with blue eyes, and thunderstorms. POPS of GREEN! Say I love life!!! Freshly mowed grass, and Emeralds!!Frozen Mint Mojito on the side says, I’m tired, and I need a drink, with fresh weeds attached, because that’s Read more […]

Last Minute Gifts! A BOOK FOR THE COOK. . . .My new fave Cookbook List!

Not So Humble Pies ( An Iconic Dessert, All Dressed Up) by Kelly JaggersPIE.  It is the beginning and the end for me. An entire book dedicated to pies that are anything but humble, well . . . .please excuse me while I thank my lucky stars.Sweet, savory, fancy or rustic, the word evokes warmth, and love, with pillows of whipped cream or nuggets of savory jewels that melt into a buttery crust. For many of us, it has always been (and will always be) PIE. Which is why, if you know someone like me, Read more […]

Very Berry Muffins & Blogging for a Cure: The Best Friends Guide to Breast Cancer by Sonja L. Faulkner, Ph. D

I try not to, but sometimes horrible thoughts come into my head.I think of my maternal grandmother and of my cousin Andy, and I shiver. My girls. I think.My four beautiful girls.Me.Their mom.Stay away, I murmur. Cancer, stay away. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer before I was born.My cousin Andy (Andrea) died of breast cancer just a few years ago, and she was in her thirties.It’s a horrible disease.And it seems we all have a link. When Andy was alive, I’m sure I was not the best cousin Read more […]