Homemade Brownie Butter Pecan Ice Cream Cake

Dear Soledad,Smiles you are to me.Grinning cheesy toothless smiles, that make my heart glow.You are swings, swinging high with the wind whooshing by.Your rhythm is contagious.It’s the rhythm of your life, and you never miss a beat.As you sway and move your hips, and gently purse your lips.Your voice blazons like a drum.Commanding all to hear, as our hearts follow its quake.We can tell we are alive, in the presence of your vibe.Rebellious and mischievous.Foxily moving your way through the world.Searching, Read more […]

Walnut and Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Damn it.I told you this was going to happen. And now that it has, I’m all broken up about it.  It doesn’t help that I had a really crappy yesterday afternoon.  Really crappy.To make a long story short, my kids picked some tomatoes . . . . . .and so I decided I’d make a Tomato Tart. …. .. and it turned out like crap.  And we had to eat Sonic burgers for dinner.But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to tell you about another crappy event that happened yesterday. Apparently, the Read more […]

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and The Script – For The First Time

I was frantic.8:30 pm. Grocery cart in hand. Standing in the middle of the Target grocery isle.I speedily flew up and down the isles searching for semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream, chips, snacks, breads, meats. Tomorrow is Bella’s birthday.  My 070-684 sweet baby Bella. Who loves me so. Who has to play in a Softball tournament on her birthday. I’m determined to fix an array of all her perfect treats of fresh fruit, sub sandwiches, and chocolate cake. I have to make this day perfect.  I want Read more […]

Low Fat Chocolate Granola with Pecans and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Can you see me? I’m wincing. It’s a side effect. You know, of Dingledorklosingthingsitus.  It’s a condition. Or maybe a disease. I have it. Bad. Real bad. Which, is not good. – x – I was running around my house, grabbing stuff, putting stuff down, eating, typing, cooking, or whatever. I looked at my watch.  11:30 am.  Time to go get Soledad from pre-school. I scoop up Phoebe, grab a sippy cup and strap her in the car. I run inside grab an apple, my phone, and Read more […]

Rocky Road Bars

They say it comes in three’s. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -A Tale of Freedom – Part IPart IIThursday, 3:50 pm.”On the day I was born the prince of night hid me in his great black cloak of darkness, and during the storm he carried me away, so that no one saw me leave. I was afraid Mama, but the prince of night is very gentle, and he quickly replaced my fears with restful sleep, ” I breathed roughly, as I read from the pages of The Invisible Princess, by Faith Ringgold.”Bella, Read more […]

Hot Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I had a dream about my husband. He was so in love with me. Whenever we were apart all I wanted to do wasC4040-121 be with him. To stroke his hair. To feel his arms around me. To feel his breath against my neck. When he walked, he had a swagger.  And his chest was HUGE and muscular. The shape of his back was CRAZY-RIDICULOUS.  Broad at the shoulders and ripply huge hunks of muscles all down his back. But. . . . . . He had Jon Bon Jovi’s Hair.  What do you think that means? – Read more […]

Chocolate Pecan Pie and The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am black. I am from the South.I am a woman.But most importantly, I am a person.And I just read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.I’m not sure if any of those adjectives made this book harder or easier for me to read. I’ll just be frank, I loved the book. But often, it tied my stomach in knots, made me nauseous, scared, and frightened for the time that once was. A time when a black person could be hung on a tree, for saying the wrong thing, or looking at the wrong person.The Help, is historical fiction Read more […]

Jack O’ Lantern Chocolate Cake

Dear Shelbi,You’re going to think I’m crazy, but let’s face it, you already do. So, I won’t be holding back.The other day when Daddy and I were eating lunch with you at school, this light filled my entire body. It was like sunshine was being poured into a hole at the top of my head, and it flowed down to every inch of my body until I was completely filled with happiness. My heart was so joyous, and peaceful. I think that’s what it must be like in heaven. I sat watching you, listening to you Read more […]

Caramel Chocolate Apple Nachos sprinkled with Nuts

I laid my sweetums gingerly on the couch to change her diaper.I unbuttoned her onesie, and look what I found. Three Honey Flavored Annie’s Bunny Treats. Little niblets stowed away for a future snack. she’s thinking. . . .don’t do it mommy. don’t do it. What did I do?A) Laugh, and tell little Feebs what a crazy little baby she is.B) Frown, and tell little Feebs that we DO NOT take food into the living room under any circumstances!C) Smile to myself, and go throw it away in the trash like the servant Read more […]

Chickpea and Apple Brownies

Feebs still can’t walk. Whatever. We aren’t really shocked. She’s just not interested, and no amount of cajoling is going to get her to shake a tail feather.She can however, make a stinky face. She has been sharing this skill with random citizens in the grocery store, as they smile and say “What a cute baby!” Which is quickly followed by an alarming “Oh my!” when she turns up her nose and looks at them as if they are the smelliest thing since last nights diaper.At first she appears to pucker her Read more […]