Carrot Muffins

Because the baby is quickly turning into a toddler and wants only grown-up food.Because yesterday I just realized that Soledad’s nail is coming off. All the way off.Because Bella is a sweet angel who often gets caught in the destructive misfire of her siblings shenanigans.Because Shelbi is growing up so fast, that I want to stop and just freeze this moment.Because Warwick is a little bossy, but probably gets as good as he gives.And because, I’m hoping today I won’t completely lose it and go running Read more […]

Box Brownies (but even better)

Dear Littlest Woo,I love you.  I can not imagine my life without you. I can’t believe that exactly one year ago today, you came clawing and bighting your way into our world, which is now, for all intensive purposes, your world.When we first met, I was afraid to hold you because I didn’t know what the heck you might do to me. You came out with such a force, no drug (atleast not the drugs I had) could mask your strength and power to get get the heck out of dodge.  So when the doctor layed your precious Read more […]

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Filling and Strawberry Icing!

I know this kid, whose as bright as a peachwho kisses and kisses, and is never out of reachher hair bounces off the top of her head,and she giggles and giggles, at the silliest things said.She shines like the sun on the brightest of days,and her golden skin sparkles, as if on a stage,She poses for every picture that has ever been took,and she’ll melt your heart after just one look.Her eyes are aware and they’ll draw you near,as they slant and curl moving toward her ears,just so they can hear the Read more […]

The Perfect Cupcake

Six years ago, from this very yearA child was born with a heart most dear.She leapt into this world, with a ball in her handAnd a pinky little face, saying “Catch me if you can!”We ran and ran, as fast as we could,But her little legs carried her faster than ours would.She turned her head and squealed in delight,And before we knew it, she had run out of sight.Everywhere we looked, but nowhere was she found,Though her voice could be heard in the space all around.There were burps, and chuckles, Read more […]