Quick and Classic Low Fat Banana Bread

{Don’t forget to enter The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook Giveaway!}- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – I tell my 5 year old all the time “Don’t grow up too fast. Stay short. Stay sweet.””Okay, Mommy.” She says. “I’ll try.”And because she’s be so compliant and trying to stay small for me, and she’s cuter than all get out, Santa brought her something extra special this Christmas.An Ipod touch.Despite the fact that she just started coloring in the lines, and is barely on the verge Read more […]

Holiday Dessert: Quick and EASY Pumpkin Cake/Bread and Music by KEM – Why would you stay?

I miss my husband.He’s still here, and I’m still here, but I just miss him.We go to soccer together, softball together, eat dinner, and talk about bills together, but I MISS HIM.We don’t get to dance as much as we used to. Or just lie around and be lazy. He’s really fun to just lie around and be lazy with. I think our lives are too crazy. I think maybe we have to figure out how to slow down. Watch more TV. Go on more walks. Jump in muddy puddles. Roll down some hills.  I think that’s what we need Read more […]

Halloween Cupcakes: The Toxic Bite!

I’m a horrible, horrible, terrible person.And I’ve misjudged.Well, not misjudged. I really did judge quite right.Maybe I spoke too soon. Too much. Maybe.Maybe not.Well, let’s just say I said a person was something, that they sometimes can be in brief spurts of time, but they aren’t always that way.Probably hardly ever that way. And my subconscious just ran away will the horrible, horrible, terrible thoughts I was having, and before you knew it, I sat down at my computer, type typed typed away and Read more […]

Marble Poundcake and a Movie Review: The Help

I suppose works of art move people in different ways.They can make you wonder in clouds of blue.They can flood in memories of white-washed front porches and smells of Hydrangea after the rain.Sometimes, they can make you think, plan, require more.Last night, I saw The Help. The movie fashioned after the book, by Kathryn Stockett.And it made me do a little of all those things. But mostly it just made me proud. Proud to be black. Proud to be an American, whose ancestors were slaves, and then housemaids Read more […]

Homemade Brownie Butter Pecan Ice Cream Cake

Dear Soledad,Smiles you are to me.Grinning cheesy toothless smiles, that make my heart glow.You are swings, swinging high with the wind whooshing by.Your rhythm is contagious.It’s the rhythm of your life, and you never miss a beat.As you sway and move your hips, and gently purse your lips.Your voice blazons like a drum.Commanding all to hear, as our hearts follow its quake.We can tell we are alive, in the presence of your vibe.Rebellious and mischievous.Foxily moving your way through the world.Searching, Read more […]

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and The Script – For The First Time

I was frantic.8:30 pm. Grocery cart in hand. Standing in the middle of the Target grocery isle.I speedily flew up and down the isles searching for semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream, chips, snacks, breads, meats. Tomorrow is Bella’s birthday.  My 070-684 sweet baby Bella. Who loves me so. Who has to play in a Softball tournament on her birthday. I’m determined to fix an array of all her perfect treats of fresh fruit, sub sandwiches, and chocolate cake. I have to make this day perfect.  I want Read more […]

Easy King Cake

I’m on Day 2 of a Two Day liquid cleanse/diet/detox??? I don’t even know. So you’ll have to pardon me if I slurb my wurbs. It’s just that I’m so humgree. And deliribous. And humgree. Ends tonight at 10 pm sharp. I’ll be ready. I’ll have 2 hours left to live the high life on this Fat Tuesday of 2011. Yippeeeeee!!!! First things first. Bing Bake. I mean King Cake. Easy King Cake made with Refrigerated Biscuits Ingredients: 1 can reduced fat biscuits (16 oz.)1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup butter, Read more […]

Orange Pound Cake with Fresh Orange Sauce

You may have noticed the cake appears to be upside down. It’s not.  I like the hard crunchy bit to remain on top. It’s my favorite part.Everybody has a super power.Mine is, I’m a believer.I believe in everybody, and I believe pretty much everything everyone tells me. Atleast once.Many might say this is not an extraordinary trait.  Certainly not one to be proud of. In fact, on many occasions I have been called GULLABLE.Which I am not.I just choose to believe that we are all here for love and peace, Read more […]

Jack O’ Lantern Chocolate Cake

Dear Shelbi,You’re going to think I’m crazy, but let’s face it, you already do. So, I won’t be holding back.The other day when Daddy and I were eating lunch with you at school, this light filled my entire body. It was like sunshine was being poured into a hole at the top of my head, and it flowed down to every inch of my body until I was completely filled with happiness. My heart was so joyous, and peaceful. I think that’s what it must be like in heaven. I sat watching you, listening to you Read more […]

Chickpea and Apple Brownies

Feebs still can’t walk. Whatever. We aren’t really shocked. She’s just not interested, and no amount of cajoling is going to get her to shake a tail feather.She can however, make a stinky face. She has been sharing this skill with random citizens in the grocery store, as they smile and say “What a cute baby!” Which is quickly followed by an alarming “Oh my!” when she turns up her nose and looks at them as if they are the smelliest thing since last nights diaper.At first she appears to pucker her Read more […]