Softball things. . . . . Wasp things. . . . .and Pear things that I have neglected.

I’m watching Bella walk up to the plate. From the corner of my eye I can see Soledad and Phoebe playing in the dirt. Phoebe whips her head back and forth. Soledad gruffs irritated, “Geez Phoebe. It’s just a wasp.” Before. So sweet and innocent spittin’ sunflower seeds. I turn my head, but not quick enough. The baby falls to her knees, mouth open wide, with a large. silent. cry. And then. . .i heard it. . .we all heard it. . . the ENTIRE ballpark . . Read more […]

What I have learned this summer. . .from my life. . .and Pinterest via my sister.

It’s a funny thing how four tiny people can totes get on your nerves and make you scream to the high heavens.. . . for every day of a three month period (June-August) and yet the very thought of them going back from whence they came (school) could have you teary eyed and snot ridden.Huh.Can’t I remember that time I told them “NO! You CAN NOT!!!” And they did.They did right in front of my face.Smiling.Laughing.Happy.Huh.And what about that time they ate me out of house and home.And I caught the little Read more […]

All Softball. All the time. League City Express. District Champions. Second Place State.

I wonderby Bella Woodardpracticing,and, practicing, for the right time,when will i get,first,place,in, state, playing softball?We’re trying so hard,to beat the other team,they’re really good,but we could,do better,I can’t wait,to see my face,when I win,firstplace. – – – – – – – – – – – – -I just found this poem sitting on the dining room table.She wrote it a few months back.And it brought tears to my eyes.This past weekend my sweet Bella went to state in softball.Nobody ever thought they’d Read more […]

Easy, Fast, Healthy Zucchini Soup and Softball Shenanigans.

We’re sitting in the stands. . .and Warwick is keeping the books.  You know for softball. How many runs, number of pop-ups, where balls are going in the outfield, all the little details he loves so much.He points to center field and yells to the positioning coach, ” The ball is going to short stop! Slow runner on second. Tag her – – – then throw to first!”And then all hell broke loose.It was a total blur.The pitching coach starts pointing at Warwick, hateful and sharp. “Don’t talk about my girls Read more […]

Papaya Beauty Smoothie, Birthdays and The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet

.Well.I’m doing a bit of recovery today from a slightly hectic week.Hence the pic of the Healthy Papaya Beauty Smoothie (more on that later).We started the week with Bella’s Birthday.Store bought Ice Cream Cake. Walmart. $14.99.Rainbow colored birthday girl. About to burst open from shear happiness.The loot. Everything having to do with SOFTBALL.Balls. Balls. And more Balls. A big net thing so she can practice hitting and pitching in the backyard.A purse. Softball neon yellow. And maybe her fave Read more […]

Pre-Game Meal: Pasta and Simple Red Sauce

Today is Bella’s 9th Birthday. And truth be told she’s a real sore loser. That’s one of my favorite parts about her.She has heart.She plays HARD.She works HARD.No need to yell at her.She’s already screaming at herself (or her teammate in her head). But jeez Louise.Sometimes I can’t stand the moping. “Bella,” I say.”Do you love softball?””Yes,” she says. “You know I do.””Then stop with all the moping.” I say.”It’s just that. . .” And “It’s just that. . . .” she murmurs, pouting and kicking the dirt. Read more […]

Trash INTO Treasure: Refurbished Ugly Goodwill Sign into PORCH RULES Front Porch Sign.

I’ll feel better about this whole situation if I just tell you.We didn’t go to Mass (church) on Sunday.I know, I know.It was Palm Sunday. We should have gone. It was horrible that we didn’t go.And why didn’t we go?Because, ummm. . . .we had softball.And I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but we were sleepy so we slept instead, and then went to softball.In defense of myself. . .On the way to softball, at 9:30 AM, while I was eating fried rice and my children were wolfing down a leftover Read more […]

Spring Time Plantings And Playing Tough.

Pink and Yellow Lantanas. 6:24 amI slid my feet across the floor until I reached Bella and Soledad’s room.I flicked the lights on, and nuzzled them to wake up.Like always, they didn’t want to get up, so I stayed and pleaded,”Please get up. If you get up and get dressed, when you make it down stairs, you can rest on the couch. OK?””OK.” they say in chorus.I watched as they got dressed.A scratch on Bella’s forehead.A bruise on her thigh.Battle wounds all along her arms and legs.It was a tough fought Read more […]

Apple, Lemon, Kale Juice (in a blender, of course) and the end of basketball:(

It’s almost over.And I’m really sad about it.I’m sad because it made me so happy.Happy like, I’m doing something right.Happy like, they are great! they are strong! they are tough!One more series of games left. The denouement, will be the final tournament this weekend.All my girls teams, have all wins, and only one loss.Loss.It will be another 4 months until they play again.It seems like forever.Ever.Will I see that same gleam in their eyes when they play softball?Or when they throw the Volleyball Read more […]

Seaweed Wraps with Rice Noodles, Peanut Sauce and Pickled Beets

I’ve got a Monkey on my back.Or a kid on my desk.Or a headache. And I keep forgetting to do things.And I think my butt is getting. FAT. TER.Not flat.I could deal with that.But fat. Uuuuh.BUT. BUTT.Things are appearing around here.Like lovely, marvelous books that smell of cardboard and scotch tape. Filled with gorg. Recipes that make me, want to ‘want’ a less fat butt. And then. . .this showed up on my doorstep yesters. Yelling at me.YOU CAN DO IT.AND IT’LL BE SO EASY.LOOK HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS! Read more […]