Thanksgiving Appetizer: Easy Oven Baked Chicken Taquitos

[ Don’t Forget to Enter The Green Valley Organics Giveaway Ends 11/8]It’s a happy time.It’s a sad time. Teef are falling out left and right over here.This is Soledad yesterday. With a weird wiggly toof about to fall out.This is Warwick trying to pull out the said tooth.This is Soledad running for the hills because apparently he wasn’t doing it right.Bucky Beaver is now staring into the mirror trying to decipher how she will excavate the goods.And now she’s just lost all train of thought as she admires Read more […]

Alligator Gar Balls: Is it an Alligator or A Fish?

Don’t forget to enter the Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit Giveaway!Recently, I got that fuzzy, warm feeling in my belly.The kind that comes from nostalgia, the smell of fresh cut grass and peppermint toothpaste.My husband’s uncle gave me a fish. Freshly caught, head attached, armor intact.Big whoop.Oh yeah. It is BIG.  And is totally worth a WHOOP.It was an Alligator Gar.This was a baby. Only about 3 ft in length.I’m getting teary eyed just typing the name.They are the most awesome fish Read more […]

Quick and Easy Crawfish Boil

I’m not even sure how she does it.She just walks off the plane, and EVERYBODY is putty in her hands.She says something, and it’s golden.”Hey Girls, let’s help your mom and clean up the entire house!” and all four of my kids jump up and start scrubbing the walls.How does she do that? I think it’s magic. Maybe Voodoo.She’ll spank my hide for saying that. IT’S NOT VOODOO.Such a misconception about people from Louisiana. My mother does not practice black magic. She goes only by the grace of God.  Read more […]

4th of July Barbecue Side: Salt and Vinegar Baked Chips

“Thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring my post about fun kid photos and the stories behind them. Enter Plum’s “Babies for Yum Caption Contest” on Facebook and you could win a $100 gift card or Plum goodies.”Today I’m putting my ‘mommy’self in my 10 year old’s shoes.I’m imagining.Pondering what it would have been like to be in the middle of a basketball game, with a crew of monkey kins sitting idly by watching.Wondering how it must have felt when those crazies started acting up.—– x———This Read more […]

Chicken Wings Just Like Hooters

I saw this picture the other day. The one below, not the one above. Try and focus.It’s a picture of my maternal grandmother and grandfather.I’d never seen a picture of them looking so in love. Look at the way she clings to him. How her head tilts to his in cohesion as if she’s the missing piece to his puzzle. Her ankles intertwined together, as they lazily swing back and forth, like she’s sitting on the docks staring out into the mysterious and ever powerful ocean of life.And he with an ever smug Read more […]

Baked Onion Rings and International Gratitude Day

My symbol for the infinite.My 4 year old daughter’s name, Soledad,  means solitude.  Some people look quizzical when they ask for the meaning.  I think it’s because they think solitude inherently means lonely, but it doesn’t.  It means ‘alone’.  Which is very different.Lonely is a feeling you get, because you’re by yourself and you want others to be with you.Solitude is a state of being, not requiring or yearning for more than what is. When I think of  ‘solitude’, I think of God, and the Read more […]

The Best Homemade Salsa You’ve Ever Had

I have a very spicy 4 year old.  And oh, is she completely saucy. Just dip a chip in her, and you’ll be eatin’ for days.She recently started preschool.  Exhibit A:Yeah. She’s cute. It comes with the age, we’ll move on before you get distracted.This 4 year old kid, is also a bit of a drama queen.  When she plays dolls, and one of the baby dolls starts to cry, my heart literally stops as I climb the stairs 3 at a time running to save her from whatever ails her.  And it never fails.  Nothing is Read more […]